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he Stress-Relieving Craft You Never Knew You Needed

There is a reason this new creative hobby called Diamond Painting has taken the crafting world by an absolute storm in 2020

The process of applying colourful resin rhinestones to richly pigmented canvas paintings seems ever so simple, but in-between of the painting process and taking your first glance at the final product, is a magical; unexplainable feeling you get that keeps you wanting to paint more!

It’s one of the very few crafts out there that is beginner-easy to do but comes with a number of beautiful health benefits. Start your experience now and find your inner-peace here at 5DArtist!


How Does It Work?

Diamond painting is a mosaic art form in which you as the artist create a painting by sticking small resins that sparkle like diamonds onto a canvas.

It’s so fun and simple to do literally anyone with any background in art can do it and fall in love with the process

Here is a step-by step guide

1. Remove all the items from your package
2. Lay out your canvas on a flat and clean surface
3. Choose your first colour diamond to get started with
4. Place those diamonds in the included tray for easy picking
5. Dip the tweezers in the provided wax to help pick up the diamonds

6. Pick up the diamonds and press them onto the corresponding symbol on the canvas ( each colour of diamond will have a specific number and symbol to help you easily identify where in the canvas to put them)


Incredible Benefits Of Diamond Painting

Reduces stress and anxiety

That special something about diamond painting is that it helps you take your mind off of things and forget everything for a while. Just like the process of meditation, diamond painting also allows us to switch our brains off from everything going on in the world and and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate you free-floating anxiety

Trains and improves your focus

Diamond painting helps provide a self-induced state of focusing. It helps to engage the brain in being able to develop and follow patterns, so in the process of making the art - there is logic involved

Enhances your motor skills

By focusing on a task for a long period of time, you not only improve your concentration levels but also your hand-to-eye coordination. As the diamonds are only (*insert size*) mm big, there is a lot of hand to eye coordination required and developed in the process of painting

Inspires creativity

Diamond painting stimulates the right part of your brain’s hemisphere, which is associated with creativity. The addiction is real but it’s the only good addiction out there that you will enjoy doing again and again!

Why Buy Diamond Painting Kits From Us?

It’s simple. We are the only commercial size diamond painting factory in USA. We pride ourselves in supplying you with the best quality rhinestones and canvases on the market, so that apart from taking part in a rewarding, stress-relieving activity - your final painting when it’s finished looks at its very best

We supply you with all the high quality equipment, you do the artist work and create your own mesmerising-looking painting!

The Ultimate Quarantine Activity!

Diamond painting is a great way to spend your time during quarantine. Most of the time spent ‘relaxing’ at home means sitting on the coach, scrolling through your phone on social media. Try diamond painting and discover the best substitute activity! The addiction is real but it is the best form of an addiction you can have.

A Great Natural Treatment For ADHD

Dealing with hyperactivity and a short attention span? There is nothing better than practicing relaxation. If meditation is not your cup of tea then you are without a doubt, going to absolutely love the creative process of making your diamond painting. The process is soothing, stress relieving and helpful with ADHD

A Great Piece For Your Interior Design

We find and supply ascetically gifted designs that beautiful blend in and shine within your home space! The paintings when they are finished will look nothing short of captivating and phenomenal on your wall, that is our guarantee!