Unleash Your Inner Artist, Banish Stress, and Create a Piece of Gorgeous Artwork in the Process with YOUR Very Own  DIAMOND PAINTING KIT! 

Made In The USA - FASTEST DELIVERY & Quality Guaranteed Or Your Money Back No Questions Asked.

  • Made To Order In Sunny Las Vegas

  • Made From Safe Materials 

  • FAST & FREE SHIPPING To All 50 States

Take inventory of your diamonds
Sort and prep your diamonds for painting
Apply your diamonds and repeat
Take inventory of your diamonds
The Last Supper 5DArtist
28 Lattices Diamond Painting Box - Diamond Painting Kit
$39.99 $10.95
5D Artist™ - LED Pad - Diamond Painting Kit
$69.99 $20.95
Diamond painting box - Diamond Painting Kit
$75.99 $21.95
UP in the air - Diamond Painting Kit
Virgin Mary 5DArtist
Barely Naked - Diamond Painting Kit
Jesus Christ 5DArtist
White Mary 5DArtist
Mother Mary in Blue 5DArtist
Buddha Statue 5DArtist
Tibetan Wheel of Life 5DArtist
Guardian Angel 5DArtist
Psychedelic peacock - Diamond Painting Kit
Noah's Ark #1 5DArtist
Baby Jesus Design 1 5DArtist
Gold Buddha 5DArtist
Baby Jesus 5DArtist

Keep in mind that the sale ends soon, so be sure to take a browse through our deal! 



“Diamond painting is very addicting, but in the best way possible!!! I have not only found it to be extremely calming but also so much fun at the end of a long day. It has truly become the part of my day that I look forward to the most.”

Susan M. 

“I got injured on the job and found myself in need of a way to pass the time without watching television all day. This kit really gave me an outlet to get a little creative and also work on the anxiety my injury gave me. It has now been about 6 months since I first tried diamond painting and even though I’m mobile again, I still continue to purchase kits asI’ve found the mental health benefits are just too good to ignore.”

Kris H. 

An amazing form of art therapy, helps you to destress and let go of the chaos of day to day life.Create a gorgeous piece of art to hang in your home OR give to a friend of family member for a unique gift.


Where do your products come from?

Our current orders shipped from our Hong Kong. Starting August 15th all our USA and Canada Orders will be made and shipped from USA.

How Long Will It Take To Arrive?

Our Standard Times Are 2-4 weeks from start to delivery, however due Covid-19 we currently deliver 3-6 weeks.

Is Each Painting Hand-Made To Order?

Yes. We make each of order as they come so please give us 3-4 days to finish the production.

Why don't you accept my currency?

Right now we're able to show dozens of global currencies to give you a sense of how our prices convert into other currencies. We're working to implement new payment systems that will allow us to accept not only different currencies, but also dozens of different regional payment systems. So while the content of your cart may currently be displayed in your local currency, the Gem Stores process all orders in USD at the most current exchange rate.

What about shipping and delivery?

Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 3-5 business days (Mon-Fri), a timeline which does not include Weekends or Holidays. 

Please remember that the delivery of your order is the responsibility of the shipping carrier (USPS, Fedex, DHL). 

Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, you must reach out directly to the shipping carrier selected during checkout to resolve delivery issues. 

You should have your tracking number ready when reaching out to the shipping carrier.

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Monday - Thursday, 10:00 to 20:00

Friday & Saturday, 9:30 to 20:30 

Sunday, Closed

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Create a memorable bonding experience with the family
Improve your focus and dexterity
Unwind from stress and screen time
Create your own masterpiece

Whether the hectic life or boring-stay-at-home life is seeping into the new lifestyle, connect to your soul when you paint with 5D ARTIST!

Cross out one hassle part in ordering with our “free plus shipping deal”. Mellow out the daily stress by combing paint by numbers and cross-stitch in one activity, diamond painting! 

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