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We greet you with utmost love at 5D Artist. We are in the business of spreading joy by delivering 5D Artist Diamond painting kits. At 5D artist, we believe that creating your own marvelous diamond artwork can prove to be therapeutic and of course tons of fun too. We emerged in the market with a single mission, and that is to make crafting and art therapy accessible and enjoyable to all adults across the world. After all, adults deserve some relaxation with fun too. Art and crafting are our passions and we are extremely proud to present our very own DIY diamond painting kits. These kits are sourced from the most talented and experienced designers and manufacturers in the art industry.

If you are new to this fascinating product then let us introduce you what is 5D Artist Diamond painting about. Diamond painting is actually a fun and relaxing activity for adults who love crafting. It is basically paint by numbers, but instead of paint it uses tiny diamond-like resin rhinestones. Diamond painting is a very soothing process of applying diamonds in a three-step process that's super easy and meditative. Even if you are an adult, you’ll lose yourself in your artwork for hours. And the results always end up in fascinating sparkling designs which you can proudly hang up on your wall as an eye treat for your visitors.

Our 5D Artistic Diamond painting kit has a very wide collection with amazing variety. Currently, more than 30 collections are available at our e-store from which you can choose comfortably. Our collection covers nearly all aspects including nature, vintage, animals, fantasy and mystical, people, safari and wildlife, religious and spiritual categories.     

Thus offering a wide pool of options for our customers so they can enjoy the best with their own choices.

With our 5D Artist Diamond painting kits, we guarantee you stress relief sessions of creative crafting. Moreover, this diamond painting kit also serves for a DIY home decor. You can create your own wall art with absolutely no artistic ability required. Apart from that, this can be used to make a perfect gift to give on any occasion to your loved ones.


Have questions about our products? Reach out! Contact us at info@5dartist.com or send us a message on Facebook!

Deep down, we are all colorful, and we are all beautiful. Our crafting and artwork should reflect who we are!!

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