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  • Perfect Originar -Organize and manage your diamond beads easily! Includes 60 containers to store all your diamonds!
  • Multifunction Briefcase - Perfect for storing diamond painting essentials and can also store tiny materials you need like nail art embellishments, make up, jewelry, beads, necklaces, rings, charms, glitter, tablets, pills and other various items.
  • High Capacity - The Perfect Storage Box can store up to 60 bottles of your rhinestones, Plus a small pouch at the other side of the briefcase for your other DP tools like pens, lightpads, rollers etc! All in one product!
  • Save Diamond Painting Beads - Bottles are packed in one big briefcase and it can provide your diamond beads with double seal. It can also protect them from dust or rust, keeping all your crafting and beading supplies in one neat and organized spot.