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Mario Fegan

Mario Fegan Espinosa

Born in Quito, Ecuador (1991). I was fascinated by art from a very early age. As a self-taught artist my formation began the day I could hold a pencil for the first time... and it never stops. 

My approach to painting is figurative and I always pursue realism in my work. At the same time, the themes of my paintings sometimes dwell in the realm of fantasy, and imagination plays a major role in my artistic process.

The techniques that I use are all traditional. I have used acrylics and other media in the past but in the last years I have devoted myself to the practice of oil painting. I find this technique the most suitable for the realist and traditional feel that I want to express in my art.

A recurring subject matter in my work is nature. I draw a lot of inspiration out of nature. My landscape paintings are at times moody and mysterious. Emotion is very important in my work and the overall atmosphere recalls the feel of the Romantic Movement.

Symbolism, Academicism, Tonalism, the Hudson River School, Early Netherlandish painting and the Pre- Raphaelite movement are some of the influences in my art. I tend to look towards old art as a source of learning and inspiration.

As a young artist with many different interests, I'm certain that my technique, style and subjects will continue to develop and evolve. I invite you to acompany me in this journey. For any inquiries about my work check the Contact section. 

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