Diamond Painting The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a relatively new craft which has taken the arts and crafts world by storm. It is a mixture of Cross Stitch and Paint by Numbers.

Originating only a few years ago, diamond painting is essentially a faster and easier alternative to cross stitch.

This form of painting is the name given to the mosaic art form where the painter creates his or her painting by sticking tiny resins which sparkle just like a diamond onto a canvas with corresponding numbers that are printed according to the color of the diamonds.

What is the best way to start a diamond painting?

If you are a right-handed person, you can either start your project at the bottom right of the canvas so that your arms do not stick to it or you can start at the top left so you can work section by section towards the right.

This way your arm also does not draw over your work.

If you are a left-handed person, on the other hand, you can start on the left then move down towards the right.

This way, you avoid touching the completed diamonds. You can also start at the bottom left of the canvas to avoid your arms sticking to it and peel off a section of the plastic as you go up.

However, there is no right way to start this type of painting. It could be in squares, colors or even start in the middle.

How to frame a completed diamond painting?

Have you finally completed your diamond painting after hours of dedication and hard work?

Well then I bet you are looking to frame it properly now. Some of the ways to frame your finished diamond painting are listed below:

  • Glue the Painting to a pre stretched canvas

This is an inexpensive and simple way to frame your finished painting. You simply need to glue the painting onto the pre stretched canvas.

  • Apply Stretcher bars to the finished canvas

If you are one for DIY diamond painting then this option is good for you. All you need is to apply Stretcher bars onto the finished canvas to frame properly.

  • Mount the painting onto a foam board

Another way to frame your completed diamond painting is by mounting it onto a foam board. This not only gives it a beautiful finish but it allows the painting to look great overall.

  • Buy a traditional photo frame

With a standard picture frame, you cannot go wrong. There is something for people with all kinds of budgets and prices with this type of frame. You can purchase a frame that is closest to the size of your painting.

Diamond Painting Kits

What is a diamond painting kit?

A diamond painting kit usually has all the same components, although the quality may differ depending on where you order your kit from. It contains all the necessary tools needed to create a complete diamond painting. It includes an adhesive canvas, small resin diamonds, diamond paint, acrylic paint, a diamond pen (which holds all the different colored diamonds), and complete kits also contain a sealer and a diamond painting canvas.

How do you make diamond painting kits?

If you are wondering how diamond painting kits are made then you simply need to look at the tools found in one and go to an arts and crafts supply store to collect them. You will need a plastic tray, a blank canvas, a diamond kit, a drill kit, diamond painting drills and some fine motor skills to get to it.

What are the different types of diamond painting kits?

Although all diamond kits have some things in common, there are some different types which are mentioned below:

  • General DIY diamond painting kit
  • Custom diamond painting kit
  • Multi-panel diamond painting kit
  • LED diamond painting kit

No matter which type you go for, there are similar considerations when going shopping for the kit, such as canvas size, canvas prints, diamond shape etc.

Diamond Painting Tips

How to seal a diamond painting?

Sealing your Diamond Painting ensures that all the diamonds are locked in place and increases the durability of your finished painting. If you want to hang your painting or showcase it in some way, sealing it is a crucial idea. You can do this in the following ways:

What do you do with diamond painted diamond leftovers?

Here are some fun things you can do with the leftover diamonds:

  • Use tools to create art such as bottle art, ail art and glass art.
  • Use them for decorations like Christmas lights.
  • Use them to make jewelry or in any other creative manner.

Some tips regarding diamond paint storage are mentioned below:

  • Use shape labels for drills
  • Use old boxes to store your supplies
  • Make art with leftover beads
  • Buy a multipurpose organiser for the different items

5d Diamond Painting

What does 5d mean in diamond painting?

A 5d diamond painting is one which is made with a drill which has more cuts and facets. It has more dimensions, as the name suggests, so it often comes out more shiny than others. 5d diamond art is beautiful and eye-catching, even if it is more challenging.


What is the difference between usual 3d diamond painting and 5d diamond painting?

3d diamond painting is simple and usually implies a basic form of painting using tools but 5d diamond painting is a bit complicated as the end result is different.


What is partial drill diamond painting?

A partial drill diamond painting is one that comes a bit completed; so some areas are already filled in for you. It might be easier to complete this type of painting so it is often good for children but a full drill is often more fun to engage in.


Finished Diamond Painting

What do you do with a finished diamond painting?

Now that you are finally finished with your diamond painting, you are probably wondering about what to do with it. You should seal it, frame it and ensure that your beautiful art work does not have any dust on it. Once you have done these steps, you can hang the painting anywhere in your living space or store it to remember your hard work. You can also give it to someone if you want to make sure it is truly appreciated by others.


Can you iron a finished diamond painting?

If you are wondering whether you can iron a finished diamond painting, you certainly can but it is a good idea to be careful. The most common method for de-wrinkling the diamond painting canvas is with the use of an iron, but keep in mind that this method can also impact the glue of the canvas. If you try ironing the canvas after all the diamonds are added to it then you will melt the drills and impact the canvas's adhesion further.


Custom Diamond Paintings

What comes in your custom diamond painting kit?

A custom diamond painting kit contains a blank canvas (with adhesives), colored diamond packs, diamond applicator tool, tweezers, wax, a diamond pen, a wide tip and a drill tray. These tools ensure that your diamond painting is complete and done properly.


What do you do with the extra diamonds on a diamond painting?

If you are annoyed that there are extra diamonds leftover on your painting after it is complete, you can scrape them off using one of the tools and collect them to use in the many ways we have already mentioned above.


How many colors of drill are in a diamond painting?

There are about 23 colors of drill which are universal but there are countless combinations as well which you can find in different catalogues on Amazon when deciding on colors with diamond painting. Depending on the colorful designs you want, you can select the color best suited for you.

Full Drill Diamond Art

What is full drill diamond art?

Full drill diamond art is one where the entire canvas is full of diamonds. Full drills give the painting a mosaic look, especially if you make them using square drills. Many people believe these paintings are better than others as they give a better overall look.

Partial, Full, round, and square drill diamond painting - what does it all mean?

The major difference in all this is the shape of the drill used to make your diamond painting. If it's a square drill, the finished painting will look different than others. If it is round then your diamond painting tools will be different but the difference will also be reflected in the overall shape of the art.

What is full drill and partial drill?

The difference with using a partial drill or a full drill is mainly in how the painting ends up looking at the end. A full drill is one which is completely full of round or square diamonds. A partial drill is one which allows you to use adhesives and other material to cover the canvas.

How do you show diamond art?

To showcase your diamond art, you need to frame your full or partial drill diamond painting in one of the many ways mentioned above and then display it in whatever way you find is best for you.

So now that you know all about diamond art and diamond painting, step out of the world of canvas painting, watercolor painting and oil painting. If you are not already among the diamond painting lovers of the world then maybe it is time to go buy a kit and try your hand at this form of painting. Become a diamond painter!

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